Sunday, 17 April 2016

A bookish photo tour of Amsterdam and Utrecht...

The 'Dwarsligger' format is a really interesting travel solution for readers which effectively reduces the size of a paperback to the size of a smart-phone. The first time I'd seen this was at Schiphol airport.

Exploring the west canals between Centraal and Jordaan  you'll come across plenty of independent book stores (and even a Waterstones if you need to stock up on English language reads)

This nifty lending library has been set up just outside Utrecht Centraal Railway Station - its simple just drop off a book and pick another one up! Looks popular but the shelves need a stock up.

Amsterdam boasts Europe's largest public library (Openbare Bibliotheek Amsterdam) which is open seven days a week. I found loads of really unique spaces to grab a few minutes reading time including a neat 7th floor cafe.

The Hoxton Hotel has a lobby bookshelf stacked with Penguin Classics. More could be done to select paperbacks with a Dutch setting but its a nice welcome nonetheless.

This forgotten bookstore is in desperate need of a loving owner. Perhaps one inspired by long evenings with a beer and book as the sun sets over Keizergracht?

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